About us

Though we fund charities, Little Gestures isn’t a charity itself. We operate as a for-profit enterprise, paying all the normal costs involved with running a sustainable business. That’s everything from delivering quality products, to marketing, to paying staff fairly – and everything in between.


What makes us different is that everything we do is aimed at having a positive impact on our community.


First, we develop and deliver products that schools and community groups can sell to meet their fund-raising goals and make their own local impacts. (Of course, as individual gifts, the products also have their own, very local impacts!)


Next, wherever possible we employ the services of young people and people with disabilities who want the opportunity to work and contribute to the world in which they live. So, every Little Gestures product we deliver has already made a difference to somebody’s life.


Our ultimate purpose is to use our business and our profits to help young Australians thrive.


Thus, the majority of our profit is directed towards scholarships for students at risk due to mental health issues, learning difficulties and eating disorders.


Specific charities we help include

Zero to Hero


Children with Dyslexia


The Butterfly Foundation

When someone buys a gift from Little Gestures their small ‘gesture’ sends positive rippleswell beyond the recipient of their gift.