zero2hero  | This is a WA-based not-for-profit organisation that helps address mental health problems among young people. They believe that through communication and supportive networks, mental health problems can be effectively dealt with and youth suicide can be prevented. They do this through raising awareness in schools and providing their Youth Leadership Camps. These events equip school-aged children and teenagers with the skills to speak up when they’re struggling and the confidence to support their friends when they’re experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, self-harm or suicidal thoughts.


The Butterfly Foundation  | This national organisation represents all people affected by eating disorders and negative body image – the person with the illness, their family and their friends. As a leading national voice in supporting their needs, Butterfly highlights the realities of seeking treatment for recovery, and advocates for improved services from both government and independent sources.


Camp Hello'  |  Currently under development, ‘Camp Hello’ (working title) will work with children affected by dyslexia, the language-based learning difficulty that impacts 10% of the population. It’s a lifelong condition, though with proper help many people with dyslexia can learn to read and write well. Children with dyslexia can also have problems with spoken language, finding it difficult to express themselves clearly, or to fully comprehend what others mean when they speak. Add in body language, nuances of speech and other social codes and relating to people can be a major problem well beyond the classroom, affecting the ability to socialise and connect with others. Camp Hello will be a welcoming environment where children with dyslexia are supported in developing their socio-emotional skills.